The 10 Most Commonly Found House Problems

By: Steven Carcasole, Certified Home Inspector

As a professional Home Inspector, I have seen it all from very poor electrical wiring to walls crawling with mould. Yes these are extreme cases, however it is important to note that regardless of a home’s age, no house is perfect and it is the homebuyer’s and home owner’s responsibility to recognize and fix problems and maintain the overall ‘health’ of the house so issues don’t get out of hand.

Home Inspectors look out for the safety of potential home buyers and current homeowners and this is why it is important to look out for common house problems.

Below are the 10 most commonly found house problems Home Inspectors encounter:

1. Improper Surface Drainage

When it rains, it can pour in your basement! A proper drainage system in the house will prevent basement flooding and rotting wood. To prevent this from happening, it is important for your house to have proper downspouts from the roof and drainage waterways to prevent a potential disaster.

2. Improper Electrical Wiring

 The amount of houses with improper electrical wiring is staggering, with 70 Р80% of home inspectors claiming to have seen this problem over and over again. Whether a homeowner chose to install electrical wiring him or herself or hired someone who was not professional, improper wiring can result in lack of electrical service to the home, inadequate overload protection and dangerous wiring connections.

3. Roof Damage

Everyone wants a roof over their heads but the amount of homes that neglect this part is high. The roof is exposed to extreme weather on a regular basis and therefore should be inspected once a year. Old, loose and damaged shingles can result in leaks, and lead to major repairs.

4. Heating Systems

Whether it is a blocked chimney, an old and rundown operating system or unsafe exhaust disposal, maintaining the home’s heating system is important to not only save money but also save your life. Carbon Monoxide hazards are related to a lack of heating system maintenance.

5. Poor Overall Maintenance

¬†Whether it’s a crack in the ceiling, a broken door or exposed light fixtures, it is important to keep on top of the overall maintenance of your home. Leaving little problems will only result in big issues in the future.

6. Structurally Related Problems

The structure of the house is important to keeping it a safe and stable place to live. Cracks in the foundation, uneven and unstable rafters and door headers can result in disaster. It is important to keep a close eye on what keeps the house standing and maintain as required.

7. Plumbing

A plumbing problem will not go unnoticed for long. Whether it’s a clogged drain, a dripping faucet or a spraying pipe, it can be a headache to have plumbing issues around the house! Leaving an issue for too long or trying to fix it yourself may lead to larger problems down the road.

8. Exteriors

Proper insulation can save a homeowner big on heating and cooling costs, therefore it is important to install and upgrade windows, doors and wall surfaces.

9. Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation in a home can lead to mould and mildew problems, resulting in the deterioration of your home’s overall structure.

10. Miscellaneous

Many problems in the home are safety hazards, however some problems may be cosmetic and/or issues that are no commonly found. If you are a homeowner and you are hoping to sell your home, it may be wise to invest in upgrades such as new appliances and even a fresh coat of paint on the walls. The less work required by the new owner, the more attractive your house will be to potential buyers.