When looking for a home inspector, do not look for the cheapest inspector you can find. A cheap home inspection tends to be just that; incomplete and untrustworthy.

No one likes to work for less than they are worth. If they do, there is a reason for it, and it’s usually a reason that you will not like – and they will not tell you. A good home inspector will charge you what they are worth. So, it only makes sense that if they are worth less than most inspectors, you should expect less from the quality of the inspection you will get.

Businesses are trained not to under charge or over charge their clients. A home inspection should take no less than 2 ½ hours, depending on the size and age of the home. The average home inspection takes 3 hours. If a Realtor or home inspector tells you that an inspection takes less than 2 ½ hours, they are WRONG!  Stick to inspectors that are reputable and charge median pricing; not too low and not too high.

Our prices for a home inspection are average for our industry. We are less expensive than most franchises, however; we are not the cheapest out there. We stand by our work and give you 100% satisfaction. We take our time to walk you through the entire process, and explain how to take care of things for which you are responsible. We will answer all of your questions during and after the inspection. Our priority is customer service, and we ensure that you will have the best customer support possible.

A home purchase is the biggest and most expensive investment you will ever make; don’t try to save a few dollars on a cheap home inspection, because it could cost you thousands or more over the years ahead. Saving money will always cost you more money in the long run.

Approximate time estimate for a complete home inspection:

Apartment or Condo: 1-1 ½ hours

Town House, Detached and Semi-Detached: 2 ½ hours – 3 hours

Larger homes, above 3000 sq ft, approximately: 3 ½ hours and up

All time estimates are approximate and vary by the age and size of the home, as well as whether or not the basement is completed. There may be other factors which add to this estimate, as well.

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