Debris in Gutters

It’s important to keep your home in excellent condition for the entire year. Routine maintenance prevents costly repairs and protects the investment of your home. Doing a few things each season gets you in the habit of upkeep and ensures a healthy and safe place to live.

As fall approaches, this is the time to prepare your home for harsh winter weather. You’ll be spending more time indoors for the next part of the year and everything should be in working order, both inside and out. Here are some tips to follow:

Inside the Home

  • Inspect the furnace and have it serviced, if necessary.
  • Make sure the plumbing system is working properly, including removing hair and debris from all sinks and showers.
  • Test the smoke detectors and replace the batteries if needed.
  • Test the breakers in the electrical panel, especially after electrical storms.

Outside the Home

  • Clean up debris from gutters, window wells, and storm drains.
  • Turn off outdoor faucets, and disconnect and store garden hoses.
  • Drain in-ground sprinkler systems.
  • Check the weather stripping on windows and doors, and make sure windows are closed tightly.
  • Check for holes and cracks on windows and doors.
  • Check the caulking where two different materials meet, including where windows and doors meet the siding of the home.
  • If the chimney has not been cleaned yet this year, clean and inspect.

Keeping your home in good condition in the fall season prevents it from aging and protects it from the elements. This increases its value, keeps costs down, and makes it easier to maintain your home for the entire year!