Spring season is a great opportunity to get outdoors and fix up your home after a long, cold winter. There will be parts of your home, both inside and out, that need some TLC, especially if you want to keep your home nice and prepare it for a buyer. Spring cleaning activities can be done quickly and are worth the effort to maintain the home for the entire year.

Spring Home Maintenance TipsSpring Checklist for Home Owners

Things to clean when the weather gets warm include:

  • Leaves and other debris around the air conditioner
  • Gutters, window wells, storm drains, and downspouts
  • Screens on windows and areas around doors
  • The chimney area, if it wasn’t done in the fall
  • Trees or shrubs that need to be trimmed back
  • Any early signs of stinging insect areas near the home

Areas to check or repair with your home:

  • Inspect gutters for signs of sagging or damage
  • Weather damaged holes and cracks in the roof, siding, trim, and windows
  • Low areas of the yard or near the foundation that have flooding damage (these can be a breeding ground for insects)
  • Outside faucets that may have been frozen or pipes that need replacement
  • Attics areas, crawl spaces, bathrooms, and painted surfaces that have mildew or water damage
  • Excess insulation in pipe areas, garages, or crawl space that needs removal
  • The working order of all smoke detectors
  • The status of the air conditioning system

Additionally, you can make your home summer ready with a few extra touches. Take the opportunity to beautify the yard, plant flowers, and fertilize trees. These maintenance suggestions are an excellent way to improve the value of your home and keep it like new all year long.