Tarion Home Warranty Inspection Services and Pre Delivery Inspections (PDI)

Once you move into your new home, the Tarion warranty kicks in, with a progressive warranty schedule: providing 30 day warranty coverage, 1 year warranty coverage, and 2 year warranty coverage. With each of these deadlines, you can submit any deficiencies for repair. A home inspector knows what to look for. There are certain building codes that need to be known and certain tools to check for problems. A slow leaky pipe that is causing mold behind your wall that you cannot see with the naked eye; a problem with your roof only visible in the attic with an infrared camera; settlement cracks in the foundation that need to be filled; an electrical problem that can only be seen with an infrared camera; grading issues and so much more.

Why should I call a Home Inspector? Why can’t I do it myself?

A home inspector has tools that you do not have to ensure that there are no problems in the home. Such as detecting gas leaks or detecting electrical problems. You do not know when a crack needs filling or is just a settlement crack etc. Home Inspectors know what to look for and what to check. Is there enough insulation in the home? Do you know how much insulation is needed in the attic? How about your gas fireplace? Do you know what to look for?

But my uncle/friend is in construction, why can’t I call him?

A home inspector has tools that only home inspectors have. Your cousin Vinnie, Uncle Tony, or one of your friends may have construction experience, but he is probably a tradesman and, while tradesmen know how to do their job, they don’t have the training or tools required to inspect a home. They simply do not know what to look for. They are not a “jack of all trades.” It’s like asking an electrician to do roofing on their own, or a plumber to do the electrical work throughout your house. There are special tools and supplies needed for a quality home inspection, and there are special requirements and code that they will not know about in a house.

Ask your uncle, or cousin or friend, who says they can inspect the house for you if he can see through walls and/or if he has an infrared camera? Ask him if he knows what the R rating of the insulation is in the attic, or if he knows how many inches of insulation is required in the attic for the home size of your home? Ask him if he knows how large a crack in your basement floor or walls (and exterior) is of concern and needs to be filled. Can he see a slow leaky pipe behind your painted drywall? How about faulty wiring that can cause a fire that only an infrared camera can detect?

If you do not have a home inspector that offers infrared thermal imaging, and is trained in Tarion home inspections, then call Steven Carcasole from Ampwood Home Inspections today. 647-393-9605

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