home insepction check listPassing your home inspection is an important part of selling a house. Before the inspection takes place there are a few steps you can take to make sure your home is in good shape. Here are some of the top problem areas and tips for making sure your home passes inspection with flying colors.

  1. Plumbing. This is one area that will certainly get scrutinized by the home inspector. Make sure there is no leaking, drainage problems, or dirty looking water from rusted pipes. Consider installing new fixtures if you’re home is older—not only will this help it look nicer, but it will make sure that everything works properly.
  2. Roof. A leaky roof is something to watch out for. The home inspector will report on the condition of your roof, so you want to make sure it’s in good repair. Fix shingles that are curling or missing and clean your gutters and pipes to make sure drainage is occurring properly.
  3. Electrical. All of the wiring, panels, and circuit breakers must meet current standards. Make sure all outlets work. If you suspect the electrical system is inferior or dangerous, best practice is to hire an electrician rather than doing it yourself.
  4. Structure. If your floors are uneven or there are big foundation issues, these problems will be hard to hide. At the least, fix cosmetic issues, such as cracks in the walls that can be repaired and try to make the home more attractive to a buyer despite the structural issues.
  5. Moisture. Mold and mildew, which are often found in damp basements, indicate possible drainage problems. Try giving the room better ventilation with a fan or dehumidifier. If bad odors or mold continue, you might need fixes in your basement foundation.

Lastly, review the condition of your home early on in the selling process. Before you put it on the market, if you want top dollar it’s best to make sure everything is in solid condition. While homebuyers may not actually be able to see all of the repairs, if a home appears to be well maintained, the value goes up and buyers will reward you. In the end you want to not only pass your home inspection, but also want to show you’ve fixed problems and improved it cosmetically.